Hi, I’m Alex. I am an herbalist recently relocated to the Boston area after spending several years living up and down the East Coast studying plants and herbal medicine. My interest in herbs came from a desire to feel more connected to the natural world in a profound, meaningful way. As I learned the potency of the plants growing around me, I felt the need to connect others with these most useful neighbors.

I was trained as a clinical herbalist at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, where I apprenticed under 7Song, the Holistic Medical Director at the Ithaca Free Clinic. In addition to my own practice, I have also worked herbal first aid at wilderness gatherings and as a foot care worker at the Asheville Street Feet Project, a free foot clinic dedicated to helping underserved people in Western North Carolina.

My herbal practice is driven by scientific research, personal experience working with people and their health considerations, and knowledge passed down from other herbalists. I use mostly herbs that I have gathered and processed myself locally and ethically, in hopes of connecting myself and my clients to our local ecology in a way that benefits our health and that of the Earth.

I believe healthcare should be accessible, holistic, individualized, and on the client’s own terms. I strive to help my clients improve their health in a way that is both comfortable to them and empowering.
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