Herbal consultations are an opportunity to have a relaxed, in-depth conversation about your health concerns. They also offer a new perspective on how your body is working and what kind of simple interventions, herbal or otherwise, can be made to support you.
Initial consultations are typically 60-90 minutes long. I want us to have plenty of time to discuss your situation and come up with a personalized plan. Herbal medicine works best when we consider your health and lifestyle holistically and get the full picture of how your body is working. Consultations are meant to be educational as well, so we can use the time to help you learn more about herbal medicine, how it might be useful in your life and how you can engage with herbs on your own. Follow up consultations may be necessary to gauge your progress with the herbs and modify the herbal regimen accordingly. Generally, follow-ups are 30-45 minutes long.
In herbalism, there is never a singular approach for a health concern; I aim to find a course of action that will suit your lifestyle and feel doable, maybe even fun. You may receive a tincture, a tea, diet/food recommendations, topical salves or some combination thereof. At times, I will not have a certain herb or product and will instead recommend a place to buy it locally. Accessibility (both cost and ease of use) is primary in my practice.
My engagement with herbal medicine is wide-ranging—I work with both acute and chronic conditions, across gender and age groups, as well as using herbs as a complementary approach to ongoing medical treatments. However, if I feel your situation is out of my scope of practice I will not hesitate to say so and will do my best to refer you to another practitioner or in a different direction.
I prefer first appointments to be in person, though I am happy to accommodate your own preferences. I feel I am more effective if I speak with you face-to-face and can better get to know you as an individual and serve you accordingly. 
Payment is sliding scale $0-100 per hour long appointment. This includes the cost of medicine dispensed at the first consultation. 

This is what a consultation might look like

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